Canadian Rockies


Camp Chief Hector

August 19th-24th, 2012


Everyone laughs when I tell them that this is better than Club Med. 

I’ve been to Club Med and this beats it, hands down! 

From the time you park your car to the time you leave - you don’t need your wallet AT ALL.

All is included and for a price you can’t imagine. I challenge you to find as much value for your dollar.  This is just AMAZING!!  For active, outdoor enthusiasts - this is the ultimate. 

You arrive at a gorgeous outdoor camp just East of Canmore in Alberta.  Your accommodations are family dorms, long house or a traditional Indian teepee (truly, in original style) which are basic but more than enough.  Every meal is great and Mom’s, all cooking, dish washing etc is done.  It’s only asked families pitch in with table set up and clearing.

From the moment you arrive the camp leaders ensure that the kids are entertained and meet the other kids.  Adults too interact and meet the other adults who have joined in for the fun. Activities are lined up (or not) and everyone gets a chance to do as they wish and if you really loved an activity, you can do it again. Parents can take a day hike or trail ride, whilst knowing their children are being entertained the whole day your away, even if in diapers. Evenings, the kids look forward to the counselors coming to their “homes” to ensure they are all tucked in (after games or sing songs that counselors provide). Parents can meet and relax, play games, ....and enjoy, knowing the children are definitely not missing them.  All can be as involved (or not) as you choose.  Canoeing, archery, the “giant swing”, arts and crafts, low ropes, horse back riding, the forest “animal game” and so much more .... or sitting back, reading a book or having an afternoon all times, knowing your children are having a blast. More times than not, you’re right up the same tree..... literally!


I could go on forever.... but you’ll have to join us to truly enjoy this wonderful adventure.  Camps are offered all summer and kids can go alone. It’s only the last two weeks in August which are for family escapes. This will be our fourth year - I can’t wait !

Join US and you’ll know why.

Feel free to ask me any questions by contacting me direct, or - go ahead - book it yourself.

Hope to see you there - if not this year, maybe next !!